Space in Chinese 🌍 70+ Words about The Solar System and Beyond

Your Complete Guide to The Solar System in Chinese

The Solar System in Chinese is actually very simple to learn!

All the planets in Chinese are assigned an element to help you identify them.

Chinese astronomy can be dated back to the Chinese Bronze age (2000 BC).

In fact, the famous Chinese zodiac signs are correlated to the 11.85-year orbital period of Jupiter.

Now, imagine you’re one of the lucky winners to go to the Chinese space station and meet the Chinese astronauts. OH NO!

But once you get there you forget the planets in Chinese… AND your space pants! Pretty embarrassing right?

Well, we can’t help you with the space pants but maybe these planets in Chinese and space in Chinese terminology can help you.

The Solar System in Chinese
The Solar System in Chinese

QUIZ TIME – At the end of the article we’ve got a little quick-fire quiz you can take to test how well you know the planets. 20 questions, a top score of 200!! Have a go here.

Solar System in Chinese – The Planets

Sun in Chinese

  • Pinyin – tài yáng
  • Characters – 太 阳
  • Literal translation – Extreme Sun

Mercury in Chinese

  • Pinyin – shuǐ xīng
  • Characters – 水 星
  • Literal translation – Water Star

Venus in Chinese

  • Pinyin – jīn xīng
  • Characters – 金星
  • Literal translation – Gold Star

Earth in Chinese

  • Pinyin – dì qiú
  • Characters –地 球
  • Literal translation – Land Sphere

Mars in Chinese

  • Pinyin – huǒ xīng
  • Characters – 火 星
  • Literal translation – Fire Star

Jupiter in Chinese

  • Pinyin – mù xīng
  • Characters – 木 星
  • Literal translation – Tree Star

Saturn in Chinese

  • Pinyin – tǔ xīng
  • Characters – 土 星
  • Literal translation – Land Star

Uranus in Chinese

  • Pinyin – tiān wáng xīng
  • Characters – 天 王 星
  • Literal translation – Sky King Star

Neptune in Chinese

  • Pinyin – hǎi wáng xīng
  • Characters – 海 王 星
  • Literal translation – Sea King Star

Pluto in Chinese

  • Pinyin – míng wáng xīng
  • Characters – 冥 王 星
  • Literal translation – Dark King Star

So you’ve made it past day one on the Chinese space station…

Next test: Space vocabulary in Chinese

Will you be able to identify other space vocabularies in Chinese when asked?

Space in Chinese

  • Pinyin – tài kōng
  • Characters – 太 空
  • Literal translation – Highest Space

Asteroid in Chinese

  • Pinyin – xiǎo xíng xīng
  • Characters – 小 行 星
  • Literal translation – Small Go Star

Black Hole in Chinese

  • Pinyin – hēi dòng
  • Characters – 黑 洞
  • Literal translation – Black Hole

Comet in Chinese

  • Pinyin – huì xīng
  • Characters – 彗 星
  • Literal translation – Comet Star

Galaxy / The Milky Way

  • Pinyin – yín hé xì
  • Characters – 银 河 系
  • Literal translation – Silver River System

Meteor in Chinese

  • Pinyin – liú xīng
  • Characters –流 星
  • Literal translation – Flow Star

Planet in Chinese

  • Pinyin – xíng xīng
  • Characters – 行 星
  • Literal translation – Go Star

Solar System in Chinese

  • Pinyin – tài yáng xì
  • Characters – 太 阳 系
  • Literal translation – Highest Sun System

Star in Chinese

  • Pinyin – xīng xīng
  • Characters – 星 星
  • Literal translation – Star Star

Alien in Chinese

  • Pinyin – wài xīng rén
  • Characters – 外 星 人
  • Literal translation – Outside Star Person

Moon in Chinese

  • Pinyin – yuè liang
  • Characters – 月 亮
  • Literal translation Moon Bright

Satellite in Chinese

  • Pinyin – wèi xīng
  • Characters – 卫 星
  • Literal translation – Defend Star

Gravity in Chinese

  • Pinyin – zhòng lì
  • Characters – 重 力
  • Literal translation – Layer Power

Constellation in Chinese

  • Pinyin – xīng zuò
  • Characters – 星 座
  • Literal translation – Star Sign

Meteorite in Chinese

  • Pinyin – yǔn shí
  • Characters – 陨 石
  • Literal translation – Fall From The Sky Rock

Rocket in Chinese

  • Pinyin – huǒ jiàn
  • Characters – 火 箭
  • Literal translation – Fire Rocket

Quick question before you go. How big do you think China is? Find out here.

QUIZ TIME – Test Yourself

OK, so you’ve gotten this far. So you think you are a whizz at naming the planets in Chinese now then?

Time to put yourself to the test. We’ve kindly prepared a quick-fire 20 question quiz for you to have ago at.

It’s super simple – choose from the four options and get the results emailed to you immediately.

Welcome to our super quick Classroom Phrases Quiz! Enter your First name and email to begin. Don't worry you can unsubscribe at any time!

First Name
How do you say "sit down" in Mandarin

What is the Chinese for "how do you say __ in Chinese?"

How do you say 'complete ...'

What does 说 (shuō) mean?

What does 我已经学过了 (wǒ yǐjīng xuéguòle) mean

What does 对不起 (duì bu qǐ) mean

How do you say "I don't know"

What does __ 是什么意思? (__ shì shénme yìsi?) mean

What does 你能说慢一点吗? (nǐ néng shuō màn yī diǎn ma?) mean

How do you say "look" in Mandarin

DID YOU SCORE GREAT? Share your scores in the comments below!!

Solar System in Chinese – FAQ’s

How do you say Solar System in Chinese

tài yáng xì

太 阳 系

Literal translation: Highest Sun System

How do you say Star in Chinese?

xīng xīng

星 星

Literal translation: Star Star

How do you say Planet in Chinese?

xíng xīng

行 星

Literal translation: Go Star

How do you say Earth in Chinese?

dì qiú

地 球

Literal translation: Land Sphere

How do you say Sun in Chinese?

tài yáng

太 阳

Literal translation: Extreme Sun

How do you say Meteor in Chinese?

liú xīng

流 星

Literal translation: Flow Star

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