Learn Chinese in China cheap with the 18 week Beihai Semester Program

Enjoy 18 or 36 weeks of intensive Chinese classes in small groups and enjoy a much more personalised experience than studying Chinese at a university.

Save 40% on our Shanghai and Beijing equivalent program and enjoying learning Chinese in China on the cheap.

All our teachers are fully qualified and have years of experience under their belts, meaning you will receive the highest quality tutelage from the best Mandarin School in China.

Learn Chinese in China Cheap
Come to Beihai and Learn Chinese with LTL

18/ 36 Week Program

18 weeks – one Semester lasts 18 weeks
4 hours a day – from Monday to Friday
Small classes – classes purposely small to help you learn
Fast Progress – Learn faster with LTL

Focus On You

Achieve – you can reach roughly HSK4 with the Semester
Service – we focus on everyone, no one is just a number
Small Classes Help – study in an intimate environment
Never Lose Out – you can make up classes you miss

Our Community

Worldwide – students travel from everywhere
Events – every week we plan social events for our students
International – make friends to last a lifetime
Support – we are here for you 24/7, just come and talk to us

40% Cheaper

Discount 40% Cheaper than Shanghai and Beijing
Accommodation – Live with a Chinese family in China
Cost of Living – Beihai is so cheap day-to-day
Classes – 55 minutes per class

Semester in China

A Semester in China is 18 weeks of Intensive Chinese Language Study in small group classes. 

Semesters can be doubled up, making 36 weeks of Mandarin language study with each weekday split into four hours of lessons. Your group will have no more than six students meaning that everyone gets a chance to speak, listen, read and write and build a strong bond with not just your fellow classmates but also your teacher.

All our teachers have a degree in teaching Mandarin to foreigners and can boast five years experience.

Many of our students reach HSK 3 level and HSK 4 likewise.

Semester in China || What Our Students Said

Semester in China || Dates and Pricing

Included in the price is:

  • All your Chinese classes
  • Certified, native speaking Mandarin teachers
  • Learning materials and textbooks
  • Around the clock support from our team
  • Access to our social event calendar
  • China Visa Support

Not included:

USD 3,091 / 18 WEEKS


Is the level of students mixed?

A fair portion of students are all beginners…

That said the range can mix from complete beginner to lower intermediate. After reaching a high enough level students are advised to learn individually as the needs of each student become a bit more complex.

You will be placed in the perfect class for you, dependant on your current level to ensure everyone makes the fastest progress possible.

Will I become fluent after one semester in China?

The choice is yours…

If you are willing to use your Chinese 24/7, live in a Chinese homestay, make Chinese friends etc, then you will be on the right path to success as quickly as possible.

It’s what you do outside the classroom that counts.

How do I apply for the China Visa?

More details about gaining a China Visa can be found on our Chinese Visa Application page.

Is progress quicker than at a university/college?

Progression at LTL is much quicker and this is mainly due to class sizes.

University or college demands big classes or lecture halls of at least 30 people.

In classes of this size you just don’t get the chance to speak. You listen and you write and you memorise.

With our class sizes so small, everyone gets the chance to speak, everyone gets a chance to shine and no one is left out. Close bonds are formed and it makes the learning environment for a Semester program hugely pleasant as well as productive.

Where can I stay?

80% of LTL Students choose to live with a Chinese family.

It’s no coincidence this is the most popular choice given the experience and progression made with Chinese.

Shared Apartments are the budget option and allow you to live with local Chinese people for a much more affordable price.

Can I also study online?

Absolutely – check out our online courses here.

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