Learn Mandarin in China

1-on-1 Chinese Lessons by the beach?

That’s exactly what we provide at LTL Mandarin School. Come and learn Mandarin in China and come to a city that is home barely any foreigners which will allow you to make rapid Chinese language progression.

Learning Mandarin in China individually will allow you to tailor your Chinese program exactly the way you want it.

Learn Mandarin in China

If you want to learn speaking and listening, we will tailor a program just for you. If you’d rather focus on reading and writing, likewise, we will make this happen.

All our teachers are fully certified and teach Mandarin in China for a living. Alongside the cheaper cost of living in Beihai you will be sure to receive first class Chinese lessons at a fantastic and affordable price.

Before starting your course we will provide you with a free assessment which will allow us to create the perfect study program for you and assign you with the best teacher possible.

  • Personalised For You

    Personalised For You

    Tailored Course: each and every 1-on-1 student will receive a tailored program exactly the way they wish

    Pre Course Assessment: before you come to China our free assessment will place you perfectly to come to China and learn

  • Top Teaching

    Top Teaching

    Beihai's Best: when we hire teachers, we only hire the best. Experienced, engaging, excellent

    Certified: all LTL teachers hold a BSc or MSc in “Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language” so you get the very best

  • The LTL Family

    The LTL Family

    Worldwide Family: there are students from all around the world to become great friends with

    Personal Service: we are large enough to have a big family, yet provide the personal service from a small run company

  • Super Speedy

    Super Speedy

    Learn Faster Than Ever: Learning Mandarin has never taken such a short time. Immerse yourself

    Intensive: 20 or 30 hours of Chinese lessons per week, plus staying with a homestay. Get ahead fast

Learn Mandarin in Guangxi – Individual Course

We offer three individual mandarin courses in Beihai:

Standard Individual – 20 hours of Mandarin lessons a week.

Intensive Individual – 30 hours of Mandarin lessons a week

Small Group & Individual – 20 hours of Group Class, 10 hours of Individual class a week

Your Mandarin course is tailored and personalised exactly the way you want it. Speaking, listening, reading, writing, culture, business… whatever you want to study, we will prepare for you.

To get an idea of your needs,and your current Mandarin proficiency, we will arrange a call with you over Skype/Whatsapp etc and run a small assessment.

Be aware this is not a test, but just allows us to place your level.

From this we can then create you the perfect study plan and match you with exactly the right teacher.

Please Note: All textbook and study materials are already included in the course price.

Learn Mandarin in Guangxi – When Can I Start?

You are free to start your individual Mandarin course in China on any Monday of the year.Your course can last for just a week, a year, or anything in between!

Learning Mandarin in China – Student Experiences

Mandarin in Guangxi – Prices (Chinese Yuan) 

Our Chinese courses in Beihai are 40% CHEAPER than that of Shanghai and Beijing making this a great option if you are on a budget or just fancy learning Chinese near the beach!

The quality remains the same – first class Chinese tutelage.

Course Standard Individual Intensive Individual Small Group & Individual
Duration 20h 1-on-1 30h 1-on-1 20h group & 10h 1-on-1
1 week 2,913 4,369 2,873
2 weeks 5,684 8,525 5,607
3 weeks 8,317  12,476 8,205
4 weeks 10,819 16,229 10,673
5 weeks 13,194 19,792 13,016
6 weeks 15,447  23,171 15,238
7 weeks 17,582 26,373 17,344
8 weeks 19,604 29,406 19,339
9 weeks 21,516 32,274 21,226
10 weeks 23,324 34,986 23,009
11 weeks 25,031 37,546 24,692
12 weeks 26,640 39,960 26,280
13-52 wks +2,220 /wk +3,330 /wk  +2,190 /wk

Minimum duration: a week

Maximum duration: a year

Starting: any Monday

Textbooks and study materials: all inclusive

Additional fees or charges: Zero

Assessment and study plan: all inclusive

Visa Invitation: fully available

Registration fee: Zero

Each lesson: 55 minutes


Will there be additional costs?

No, none at all

We take great pride in providing you with the best service in the industry and that revolves around tight knit customer sales. When you contact us for the first time we aim to reply as quickly as possible in the most detail possible to make you feel at ease straight away.

That includes being completely honest about costs. There is nothing extra you pay for.

Group or Individual? I can't decide

Both are fit for purpose but generally if you are at, or above intermediate level we always strongly recommend individual classes when you come to learn Mandarin in Guangxi.

As your Chinese progresses, it’s likely your level becomes much more niche. Some people excel in writing, some in speaking, some in reading. At earlier stages of learning, the levels tend to balance out more. Therefore having your own personalised study plan from a mid range level is key.

Is your school open all year around?

It sure is!

We are open every day of the year and that includes Christmas Day, New Year‘s Day and Chinese New Year.

What if I grew up speaking a different dialect?

If you happen to have a family background in Cantonese, Hakka or any other Chinese dialect for part of your childhood we have something of use for you.

Our Chinese Heritage Speaker program is the perfect solution and is designed for speakers such as yourself.

Can I travel to other cities with LTL?

You sure can. We have five cities with a presence and that is growing further!

You can pair your course up in Beihai with further lessons in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengde or Taipei to extend your adventure further!

All in all, you have five cities to choose from and discover. If you need a hand discussing a program that is the perfect fit for you, drop us a message. We will be happy to help create the perfect Chinese experience at LTL.

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