Beaches in China – Beihai’s Finest

Beaches in China don’t come much finer than the beaches of Beihai!

Perhaps one of the greatest perks about coming to study Chinese in Beihai is its wonderful environment.

Expect sun, fresh air, a relaxed pace of life and some of China’s most beautiful beaches. Why wouldn’t you want to come and study Chinese in Beihai?!

Here we will give you an insight into some of the best beaches in China so when you come to Beihai, you’ll know exactly where to go as soon as you step off the plane!

Come and meet us in Beihai and join our wonderful community!

Beaches in China - Beihai Beach

  • Visit Beihai – The Best beaches in China
  • Come to Study Chinese on the Coast
  • Sunny weather all year around
  • Beautifully fresh air
  • Relaxed and slow pace of life
  • Learn Chinese with the experts
  • Revise your Mandarin on the beach

Beaches in China – Silver Beach 银滩

Silver Beach (银滩) is Beihai’s headline beach and with good reason (the pictures sell the beach themselves)

Beihai Silver Beach in China

Beihai Silver Beach in China

Silver Beach is situated roughly 8km/5 miles from the centre of Beihai. The beach in itself spreads a huge 24kms from the east to west.

Beihai’s Silver Beach is a wonderful location to kick back and relax. The locals generally don’t like to sunbathe meaning that, if you play your cards right with timing, you can have huge areas to the beach all to yourself. Something not so easy to do in China generally!

The name Silver Beach comes from the fact that when the sunlight shines on the quartz sand, the beach shines a beautiful silver colour.

Despite China’s huge size, beaches are not common or show stopping in general. Silver Beach in Beihai is an exception to that rule. Its sand is soft, the waves are gentle and the seawater shines bright under the sun.

A quite wonderful setting whether you are just coming to relax, swim or even study Chinese after class!

Silver Beach China 银滩中国 – What to do?

Beach Sports – 沙滩运动

If you don’t just fancy cooking yourself in the sun then why not pick up a motorboat? They are available on Silver Beach, along with the adrenaline rush that is parasailing.

Beach Volleyball is commonly seen along the Silver Beach as is Beach Football/Soccer.

Taking a walk across the beach means you will likely come across various go-karts and bumper boats. Get behind the wheel and pay in ten minute intervals.

Take a dip – 去游泳

Luckily for you the weather in Beihai is pretty much spot on all year round. Clean air, pure shores and the beaming hot Sun. Perfect recipe.

TIP – That said despite the great weather in Beihai the water during the Winter months will be cold so if taking a dip and a swim is really your thing, book around this.

Likewise if you want to avoid the busy months, take care of the searing hot months of July and August. Perhaps April would be more suitable? Warm water, yes, full of busy locals, not so much!

Study Chinese – 学习汉语

Come on, we are a Mandarin School, we had to say it!

In fact, it’s actually a wonderful place to do some light revision because the setting is so beautiful and the noise is so… well, there isn’t any! Just the relaxing sounds of the waves back and forth.

Entry to the beach is free so there are no extra costs there. Just rock up and enjoy one of the most enjoyable places to study Chinese you could imagine.

How to get to Silver Beach? – 怎么去银滩 

Silver Beach Beihai is located on the Southern part of the peninsula and spans well over 20km meaning there’s plenty of beach to stroll down and pick your spot.

Walking from the centre of Beihai to the beach is not advisable considering the distance is over 10km and the weather will probably be very warm! A walk would take about 2 hours so it’s best advised you take a bus or a taxi.

Both bus and taxi in Beihai are incredibly cheap and will take about half an hour if you are based in the central area of Beihai.

Generally the northern part of the peninsula is livelier at night, but Silver Beach on the southern part is probably the most picturesque spot during daytime.

Beihai Bus: Use Bus #3 or #17 which is found at Beibu Bay Square Station.

Taxi: From the centre of the city to Silver beach will only set you back 20CNY (3USD, 2.50EUR)

Beaches in China – Shiluokou Beach 石螺口滩

Weizhou Island - Take a Trip

Weizhou Island – Take a Trip

We move further south to Weizhou Island (涠洲岛) for our next featured beach!

Admittedly not the show stopper that is Silver Beach, but this is still absolutely worth your time.

Shiluokou Beach is located on the western side of the Weizhou Island. Due to the long sandy beach plus the crystal clear water and coral reefs, Shiluokou Beach is the most famed beach on Weizhou Island. The island boasts large number of bizarrely shaped volcanic rocks, another thing certainly worth viewing.

TIP – There are deck chairs, a wide choice of cold drinks and seafood BBQ treats available on the beach! As with Silver Beach, you can also try your arm at the water sports also!

How to get to Shiluokou Beach? – 怎么去石螺口滩

Key details are these:

The way to reach Weizhou island – by boat from the Beihai International Passenger Port Station. To get to the Port from central Beihai, take Bus #3 or just grab a taxi for about 40-50CNY.

Departure Times are: 08:30, 11:30 and 15:45

Returning Times are: 10:00, 14:30, and 17:00.

*NOTE – This schedule is subject to change so speak to us or someone when you arrive in Beihai. Either way, we’ll find out the situation for you.

Prices: CNY120, 180 or 240 per person each way (depending on the class you choose)

After reaching Weizhou Island the best thing to do is simply grab a taxi and head to either the scenic area you wish to visit or directly to your hotel. This should cost roughly 50CNY depending on where you plan to go but the island is fairly small so the journey will never be too far.

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