Your Complete Guide to Getting Fruity in Chinese 🍓

Learn 56 Different Fruits in Mandarin

Want to learn all the different kinds of fruit in Chinese? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Time to get healthy!

What better way to get started than to fill up the shopping basket with some fruit and vegetables?

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Fruits in Chinese || Most Common

Fruits in Chinese || Long List

Fruits in Chinese || Strange Chinese Fruits

Fruits in Chinese || Quiz

Fruits in Chinese || FAQs

Fruits in Chinese || Most Common

Check the top 20 most common fruit in Chinese with these simple flashcards!

Didn’t see what you’re looking for?

Search below for our full guide to learning all fruit in Chinese.

Apple in Chinese
Apple in Chinese
Apricot in Chinese
Apricot in Chinese
Avocado in Chinese
Avocado in Chinese
Banana in Chinese
Blueberries in Chinese
Blueberries in Chinese
Cherry in Chinese
Cherry in Chinese

Are you a vegan or vegetarian living in China?

Being a vegan in China is not without its challenges. Thankfully there are others who have paved the way to show how it’s possible.

Check out our blog on being Vegetarian in China and some stories from our students who have “been there done that”!

Coconut in Chinese
Coconut in Chinese
Goji in Chinese
Goji in Chinese
Grapes in Chinese
Grapes in Chinese
Lemon in Chinese
Lemon in Chinese
Lime in Chinese
Lime in Chinese
Mango in Chinese
Mango in Chinese

Enjoying these flashcards of fruit in Chinese?

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Melon in Chinese
Melon in Chinese
Orange in Chinese
Orange in Chinese
Peach in Chinese
Peach in Chinese
Pear in Chinese
Pear in Chinese
Raspberry in Chinese
Raspberry in Chinese
Strawberry in Chinese
Watermelon in Chinese
Watermelon in Chinese
Fruits in Chinese
Fruit in Chinese

Fruits in Chinese || Long List

Didn’t find the fruit you were looking for?

Not to worry we’ve translated them all with this helpful mega list of fruit in Chinese.

Fruit in EnglishHanziPinyin
Apple苹果píng guǒ
Avocado 牛油果niú yóu guǒ
Banana 香蕉xiāng jiāo
Blackberry黑莓hēi méi
Blackcurrant黑树莓hēi shù méi
Blueberry 蓝莓lán méi
Cherry 樱桃yīng táo
Coconut 椰子yē zi
Cranberry 蔓越莓màn yuè méi
Dragonfruit火龙果huǒ lóng guǒ
Durian榴莲liú lián
Goji Berry枸杞gǒu qǐ
Grape葡萄pú táo
Grapefruit柚子yòu zi
Guava番石榴fān shí liu
Jackfruit菠萝蜜bō luó mì
Kiwifruit猕猴桃mí hóu táo
Kumquat金橘jīn jú
Lemon柠檬níng méng
Lime酸橙suān chéng
Loquat枇杷pí pá
Longan龙眼lóng yǎn
Lychee荔枝lì zhī
Mango芒果máng guǒ
Mangosteen山竹shān zhú
Cantaloupe哈密瓜hā mì guā
Watermelon西瓜xī guā
Mulberry桑葚sāng shèn
Nectarine油桃yóu táo
Tangerine柑橘gān jú
Papaya番木瓜gān mù guā
Passion fruit 百香果bǎi xiāng guǒ
Peach桃子táo zi
Persimmon柿子shì zi
Plantain芭蕉bā jiāo
Plum李子lǐ zǐ
Prune西梅xī méi
Pineapple菠萝bō luó
Pomegranate石榴shí liu
Raspberry树莓shù méi
Rambutan红毛丹hóng máo dān
Strawberry草莓cǎo méi

BONUS || Strange Chinese Fruits

Think we are done with Chinese Fruit? Not yet!

Now that you know how to name all of your favourite fruit in Chinese, let’s have a look at some unusual and strange fruits you might stumble upon during your stay in China.

China is a weird and wonderful place for many reasons, and Chinese fruit is another thing you can add to that list.

Want apples, pears and oranges? Sure no problem, but why have those when you can have…

Dragon Fruit, A Buddha’s Hand, and the much maligned Durian!

Chinese Fruit || What’s the Deal

Chinese fruit is BROAD, there are so many, some with familiar names, and some not! To be brutally honest, a lot of these fruits, despite an odd look to them, have wonderful flavour that is worth tucking into.

For example, let’s take the Mangosteen (which actually originated from Indonesia funnily enough).

Despite looking not so fruit like upon first glance, get peeling and you’ll discover a lovely fragrant smell, which gives off a tangy, rather sweet taste. Not so bad right?

Durian in Chinese
Durian in Chinese

The same cannot be said for Durian however.

The curse of many a foreigner, but why?

There is rarely a food, let alone Chinese fruit, that can split opinion so much like the Durian can.

Loved by locals and hated by foreigners. Let’s try and discover why.

Why is Durian hated? The odour itself is not pleasant, not pleasant at all to be frank. Trust us when we say that too. Take Singapore as an example. They have actually banned Durian from their Metro! THAT’S how bad it is

Despite this, a large portion of Chinese can’t get enough of its fleshy texture and taste. The Durian, in fact, is so loved in China that you can even get your hands on Durian sweeties and (cover your eyes Italian readers) Durian PIZZA.

Again trust us when we say, DO NOT TOUCH THEM!

They might all look a little bit weird, sure, but they actually are very tasty! Well…except maybe for the durian, people either hate it, or love it. But you’ll have to try to know 😉

Enjoyed our guide to Chinese fruit blog? We make weekly content to help you learn mandarin and get an understanding of Chinese culture, history, food, religion, travel and much more!

Fruit in Chinese || Quiz

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Fruit in Chinese || FAQs

How to say Fruit in Chinese?

Fruit in Chinese is pronounced “shuǐ guǒ” and the Chinese characters for fruit are 水果.

How to say Apple in Chinese?

Apple in Chinese is 苹果 píng guǒ.

How to say Mango in Chinese?

Mango in Chinese is 芒果 máng guǒ.

How to say Banana in Chinese?

Banana in Chinese is 香蕉 xiāngjiāo.

What is Chinese hawthorn fruit?

Chinese hawthorn fruit is also known as crataegus pinnatifida or mountain hawthorn. It’s native to Europe, North Africa and West Asia.

It’s the fruit that comes from a small tree that is bright red. It’s used in desserts, jelly, jam and wine as well as a digestive aid in traditional Chinese medicine.

What fruit represents luck and prosperity in Chinese New Year?

Fruits considered to bring luck and prosperity in Chinese New Year are oranges (abundance and happiness), pomelos (good luck and family unity), grapes, plums, jujube and kumquats (good luck and prosperity).

What fruits are grown in China?

The fruit industry is ranked 3rd for China in terms of production after grain and vegetables.

China produces most of the fruits seen on this list but can be restricted geographically as more tropical fruit such as pineapple, mangos and bananas are grown in the Guangdong region, while more resilient fruits can be grown in other regions.

More exotic fruits commonly grown and consumed in China are durian, dragonfruit, rambutans, bayberries, mangosteens, persimmons, lychees, pomelos and jujubes.

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