The Complete Collection of 100 China Memes

The Ultimate Collection of China Memes

Welcome to the China Memes Olympics! Hosted by LTL Mandarin School.

We want you to submit your very best meme tag lines to all of these below! The very best will be featured right here on our website.

Here’s how you submit your China Memes

Go onto our facebook page and open the China memes album in photos.

Submit as many tag lines to the memes as you can in the comments section of each meme.

There is no limit to how many you post per image.

We’ll add our favourites to this page below to build up a complete list of China memes!

What do you get for a meme submission?

Obviously, you can’t put a price on a quality meme.

However, if you like we’ll give you an Instagram shout out as well as mention it below.

Make sure you add your Instagram handle after your meme tagline. Example: @LTLmandarinschool

Let the China Meme games begin!

Here are our favourite entries so far and below that, a list of templates to give you inspiration for your own entries

China Memes – More Templates

Want to submit your own, use any of these templates below and we’ll add our favourite ones above!

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