Why LTL Beihai?

Question – Why would you come to Beihai when Beijing and Shanghai seem to be the cities on everyone’s lips?

Let’s give you some reasons why we think Beihai is an awesome choice! Before we do that, let’s show you a couple of videos so you get a feel for what we are about at LTL. In the first video LTL student Anthea shows off her great Chinese she achieved in less than a year with LTL.

The second video is a documentary that went out on CCTV (TV Network in China) following LTL student Sean with his adventure at an LTL Homestay.

Anthea studied with LTL for roughly a year and at the end of it achieved fantastic results as the video shows. She passed her HSK 6 exam, the pinnacle for all Chinese students.

Our Homestay program is a unique experience and one we recommend all our students take up. Enjoy this 30 minute documentary following LTL student Sean on his adventure.


Real China

Beihai - Beautiful

Warm Weather

Beautiful Beihai Beach

Great Air



Beaches in China - Beihai Beach


Beihai Old Town

Old Town

Silver Beach in Beihai

Silver Beach

South East Asia

Easy Access to South East Asia

Weizhou Island

Weizhou Island

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