Study Chinese in China – Travel and Learn

Travel China and Study Chinese in China

Live the dream and choose from up to 8 cities in which to Study Chinese in China. We offer you the chance to study Mandarin in Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Singapore, Chengdu, Xi’an and Chengde as well as Beihai!

Dive into Chinese Culture like never before on your way to becoming fluent in Chinese. Bustling Beijing and Stunning Shanghai are the headline cities, but Chengde will provide you with the most authentic immersive experience possible and Beihai’s beaches are a sight for sore eyes.

Taipei offers something completely different as you’ll have the chance to learn Traditional or Simplified Chinese characters.

Something for everybody!

Beihai - Beautiful
  • Study Chinese in China
  • Pick from up to 8 cities
  • Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Singapore, Chengdu, Xi’an, Chengde as well as Beihai
  • Monday-Friday Chinese Lessons
  • Become fluent in Chinese
  • Fully certified Chinese teachers
  • 24/7 Support from the LTL team
  • Friends for a lifetime

Beijing & Shanghai

Beijing – History and culture are littered throughout China’s incredible capital city. Roam the famous Beijing Hutongs.

Shanghai – China’s biggest city. An international metropolis that never sleeps. Endless things to see and do.

Brilliant Beihai Beaches

Great Weather – The air and the weather in Beihai are as good as anywhere in the whole country. Put your feet up, grab a cocktail.

Relaxed Pace of Life – Beihai’s beaches are some of the best in China. Life is relaxed and easy-going in Beihai with LTL.

Immersion in Chengde

24/7 Chinese – Immersion is a term that is overused. This is true immersion, no English, no foreigners. Just 24/7 Chinese.

Live with a Chinese Family – Study Chinese 1-on-1 and then live with a homestay family in Chengde.

Traditional in Taiwan

Traditional or Simplified? – You decide what you want to learn in Taipei. Traditional Chinese characters or the simplified version.

LTL Community – Become part of our wonderful worldwide community. We have people who come to Taiwan from all over the world.

Study Chinese in China – You Decide Where

Coming to China to study Chinese is a hugely exciting prospect, and why not?!

Five cities, endless possibilities and a country like no other are awaiting. We currently offer three different Multi-City programs. If these aren’t quite suited to what you are after than our Gap Year Abroad certainly will be.

Here are the three Multi-City programs we offer. Each program is broken down into Standard, Intensive or Individual. You decide which is best for you and we’ll help get you on the plane to China as soon as possible!

Maggie from the US came to LTL and studied in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengde. She made excellent progress with her Chinese.

Valeria from Mexico was a hugely popular student at LTL. Listen to what she had to say about her time at LTL Mandarin School here.


Metropolitan China

Beijing - Shanghai

Silver Beach in Beihai

Multi City Combo

Beihai - Shanghai - Beijing - Taipei

Immersion Program

Beihai - Chengde


We have a wide variety of accommodation options for your Study Chinese in China program. You will have the chance to live with a Chinese family in China at our unforgettable homestay experience.

If you fancy still living with a Chinese family but are on a tighter budget than you can join our Teach English Homestay program. We also offer apartments, of a small and large variety.

Savannah enjoying dinner with her Homestay


Once in a lifetime

Andrew with his homestay

Teach English Homestay

50% Discount

shared apartments in beijing (21)


Great for a Budget

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs of travelling between cities

None for you because they are all included in the price!

Despite the fact that the cities are located from the very South to the very North of China (and across water also), they are all very well connected. You can also access other popular Chinese cities to visit such as Xi’an, Qingdao, Hangzhou, you name it quite easily.

All five cities have an airport so you can actually fly between all cities but likewise, all cities are connected by train routes (except of course Taipei where you will need to fly).

Is day to day life in China expensive?

Outside of Beijing and Shanghai it’s remarkably cheap. Beihai and Chengde will allow you to live off minimal costs and still enjoy a high quality of life.

Of course, as bigger cities, Beijing and particularly Shanghai are more expensive but can also be done on a budget as well if you play your cards right.

Using Mandarin 24/7 in Chengde sounds intimidating. Is there really no English there?

There is no English but do not be intimidated.

We always recommend to our students that they first pick up basic conversational Chinese at one of our schools in Beijing or Shanghai for example. Here you can build your confidence using the language but have the fallback of English speakers here and there.

This will get you ready for life in Chengde. It really is true Chinese immersion and although that sounds intimidating, it’s something you should relish and take on.

Likewise, we also want you to be aware that you shouldn’t be complacent with Chengde. If you think that some people around you will speak English, you are wrong. It is 100% Chinese!

Do you welcome all levels of language proficiency?

Absolutely anyone is welcome!

The powerful thing about LTL is the tight knit nature of everyone at the school. Every single individual has a different story to tell, a different background and different reasons for being in China.

No one is ever just a number here at LTL.

Do I need to buy an LTL Survival Kit on top of the Multi City Program?

No it is already included.

Homestay or Apartment? I can't decide!

Let’s answer that question with another question… What do you want out of your trip to China?

Do you want quick progression as fast as possible? Then go with a Homestay

Are you on a budget? Then go with an Apartment.

Do you want to experience a Chinese family but are also on a budget. Then teach English with the homestay family to save 50%.

It all depends on circumstances but if you still aren’t sure chat to us!

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