LTL Mandarin School

LTL Mandarin School in a nutshell are a group of China lovers, from teachers to staff, students to the rest!

We love China, the beautiful language and the fascinating culture it boasts.

We all came to China as fresh faced adventurers to study, travel or work and stayed because today there is probably no other place more exciting to live than in one of the world’s most fascinating countries!

From Beijing to Shanghai, Chengde to Taipei and now Beihai. The 5th chapter in this ever expanding story is an exciting one and it certainly won’t be the last chapter. Our staff are international and incredibly tight-knit, our teachers are all fully certified and are the best and most experienced in the industry, and our students come from every corner of the planet imaginable. We’ve had students from Madagascar, Estonia and Turkmenistan to give you an idea!

Fast Chinese Progress

Speedy – Get ahead faster than anywhere else
Fluent – Reach HSK 6 within a year
Break the Barriers – We support you all along the way
Technology – Mobile Apps and other technologies to help you learn

Over a Decade of Experience

10+ Years – We’ve been around the block and know the key to success when it comes to learning Chinese
Growing Fast – There’s a reason we are growing. Students who come to LTL love to come back

Top Rate Teachers

Our Team – Only the finest join LTL
Motivated – Our teachers live to teach
Stability – The average LTL teacher lasts more than five years
Selective – To be hired by LTL isn’t easy, you deserve the best teachers

Fun and Interactive

Relax – The working and studying environment is relaxed
Enjoy Learning – Our teachers make it fun
New Friends – LTL will become your 2nd family
Socialise – Share lunch, go for drinks, visit landmarks

How it all began?

How did it all get going?

LTL was born in 2007 in a small coffee shop in Beijing’s CBD (Central Business District) with founder Andreas Laimböck. Thanks to the help of our first Director of Studies in Beijing, Tina Xiang, LTL was born and the first students started to filter in.

From day one LTL has been focused on high-quality education. This centres around immersion and getting students ahead with their Mandarin as fast as possible.

Never largely concerned about growing fast, everything was about making sure that LTL grew through word of mouth of happy customers. This was a recipe for success.

Over the years this approach paid off. Today our growing reputation of achieving very fast language learning progress is there for all to see.

Today Tina manages our Chinese teacher team in Chengde and Andreas is still based in Beijing and frequently visits Shanghai and Chengde.

Who Are LTL?

So, who exactly are the people behind LTL Mandarin School?

Our HQ is based in Beijing.

In Beijing we are a team of 17+ full time Chinese Teachers, three Student Advisors (English, Chinese and Italian), two Administrators (both Chinese), one Director of Studies (also Chinese, a three strong Marketing team (English and Australian) and one Accommodation Manager (Chinese).

  • We speak over twelve different languages.
  • We have a gender split of about 60% female vs. 40% male.
  • We are all between 24 and 45 years old.
  • We have on average worked for LTL for about four years.
Team Bonding with LTL Staff and Teachers
Team Bonding with LTL Staff and Teachers

Of course, we do not discount our Shanghai. Chengde and Taipei teams who are all equally important but smaller on scale. Our Shanghai school is growing rapidly, as is the team and Taipei is following. Since launching LTL Beihai we have opened further schools in Xi’an and Chengdu meaning students now have the option to study in the following cities:

No doubt more will follow soon!

LTL Quick Facts

Established in 2007, LTL Mandarin School has taught over 3500 students from 105 different countries
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  • Homestay Program

    80% of LTL Students decide to live with a Chinese family in China and that is no surprise to us. It’s a great chance to learn more about Chinese. This is real Chinese Immersion.

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