Get your Chinese kick-started with our Mandarin Classes Online.

Our team of expert teachers are ready to help catapult your Chinese from zero to hero with our online classes that never exceed more than six students.

Why choose LTL? Here’s why:

  • We only hire the BEST teachers
  • All our teachers are fully certified to teach Mandarin to foreigners
  • We’ve been teaching Mandarin to students since 2007
  • Our reviews online are unrivalled
  • We’ve had thousands of happy students in China, and online

All our classes are taught via Zoom and will include between two and six students.

We offer two types of Mandarin class online

  • Subscription – pay for classes every four weeks
  • Packages – Purchase a one off package of classes in bulk.

Mandarin classes online can be taken weekdays or weekends, morning or night. You study when you want

We make sure EVERY SINGLE STUDENT has the chance to talk, because speaking Chinese is the single most important thing when learning Mandarin.

#1 Ranked Mandarin School

REVIEWS – We challenge you to find a better reviewed school
SUPPORT TEAM – We’ve got staff to help you around the clock
ALL WELCOME – All ages, all levels, all nationalities
AWARD WINNING – We’ve received many awards over the years

Top Teachers

QUALIFIED – All teachers have a degree in teaching Chinese
ENGAGING – Teaching online isn’t easy, our team know the way
TRAINED – Our teachers are trained regularly in house
POPULAR – Our students absolutely love our teachers


It’s never been easier to take Mandarin classes online thanks to Flexi Classes.

No need to deal with awkward time zones, difficult scheduling issues and fixed lessons.

You can study Chinese whenever you want, wherever you want.

All class material has been handwritten from scratch by the LTL team and is available to download before the lesson starts.

Discover the two types of online course we provide below.

Discover Flexi Classes


You can sign up to a rolling monthly subscription with Flexi Classes where you choose how many classes you wish to study in a month.

You can book those classes whenever you like and have the flexibility to cancel and re-book also.

After four weeks, you will automatically be credited with a new set of classes.


Our one-off packages allow you to purchase a set of classes in bulk, rather than signing up to a rolling monthly subscription service.

Classes can be booked (and also cancelled and re-booked) whenever you wish.

After completing your set of classes you are welcome to purchase another set in bulk if you wish.


All our teaching materials have been created from scratch by our expert team. The unique thing about studying with LTL is that you can download all class content before starting your lesson meaning you can give yourself a head start.

Below we have four examples of our Mandarin classes online, a beginner lesson, HSK1, HSK2 and HSK3. Download them and check it out.


Signing up to our online classes is incredibly simple.

The table of subscriptions and packages below shows you all the options available.

These include:

  • Monthly packages (a rolling 4 week subscription)
  • One off packages (one time purchase)

Choose which of these you prefer and then choose between Simplified or Traditional Mandarin.

Book the number of classes that suits your study goals best, pick your preferred currency, hit BUY NOW and you’re good to go.

BONUS | If you want to try before you buy, we also offer a 7 day free trial which you can select from the table below also.

Jane - LTL's Immersion Specialist


Do you teach other languages?

We sure do!

In fact our Flexi Class system allows you to study up to 8 languages simultaneously!

Your subscription can cover as many languages as you wish.

We currently offer:

Mandarin (Simplified or Traditional)






Taiwanese Hokkien

What software is used for Online classes?

All our Mandarin classes online use Zoom so you will need to download this if you haven’t got it already.

Who are your teachers?

The best in the business!

Check out our team page here or visit our YouTube channel and get to know us better.

Do you offer a free trial?

We do indeed.

You can enjoy a 7 day free trial before signing up to a full time subscription to see if it’s a good fit for you.

To do this navigate to the table on this page, select the course for you and then hit the STAR 7 DAY FREE TRIAL button.

Can I pay using credit card?

Yes you can indeed pay with Credit card when signing up.

Can I learn online before coming to China?

Of course, if you are coming to China to study with us it makes perfect sense to get a head start and learn with us online beforehand.

In fact, many students use this approach making their transition to China even smoother.

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