Chinese for Beginners – so you are new to learning Chinese, right?

Great, your journey to fluency starts right here and you’ve come to the perfect place!

With over ten years experience teaching Mandarin to foreigners we know the ups, downs and everything else in between that every single student goes through.

At one point we were all beginners in Chinese.

The good thing for you is we know what should be done, and what shouldn’t and that’s where the idea for this Chinese for Beginners PDF came from.

Ten fluent non-native Mandarin speakers all had their very own unique experiences, including our very own founder, Andreas Laimbock.

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It’s not about competing against others, racing to the finish line, or having an amazing memory… it’s about finding what works for you and when you find it, you are on the right path.

For example, LTL’s founder, Andreas, went to university to learn Chinese but was getting nowhere fast. He even got one of the lowest scores in his class when studying English. He wasn’t a natural when it came to languages and knew there was a better way. There was… download to find out what it is.

Greg Bell – another one of our ten Chinese experts reveals the secret to learning Chinese isn’t hard at all. In fact it’s staring us in the face… download our learning Chinese language for beginners pdf to find out!

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Below we introduce you to the ten fluent Chinese speakers who feature in our Chinese from Zero PDF and their methods for success which they will share with you, for FREE.

Chris Parker

Chris teaches us the importance of speaking and nailing the tones from an early stage:

“One thing I tell people is that as with any language, it’s good practice speaking or at least get your mouth moving as early as you can. This is doubly so with Mandarin”

Olle Linge

Olly gives us some expert tips on how to improve our Chinese listening skills:

“Try listening while working out, going for walks, eating and before falling asleep at night. The key here is to make sure you always have audio with you and that it’s easy to access.”

Hugh Grigg

Losing motivation is all too easy when learning a language, Hugh helps us avoid that:

“Here’s one of the best motivation tricks there is. When you’re not motivated to learn Chinese and find yourself procrastinating, just do five minutes of study.”

Richard Simcott

You don’t just need to be in China to learn Chinese. Richard is living proof of that, as he tells us here:

“You simply need to access the language from where you are. This is exactly what I did when I started learning Chinese in Macedonia. We simply need to take some steps to integrate Chinese”

Greg Bell

Learning a language shouldn’t be all blood, sweat and tears, you should have fun, as Greg explains:

“The fastest way to learn and improve is to find what you like and enjoy in English, then find the Chinese equivalent. Trust me, it’s out there. You just need to look for it!”

Benny Lewis

Benny actually studied with us at LTL before, he teaches us how to remember Chinese words:

“While it’s true that most words you learn don’t resemble English at all, you’d be surprised at how many Chinese words you know already.”

Verena Menzel

Verena guides us through the earlier stages of Chinese grammar and how to succeed, fast:

“In Chinese, the focus lies on what happens to things and how they change, not on a distinction between certain chronological orders like past, present or future..”

Andreas Laimbock

Mr LTL himself, Andreas founded LTL in 2007 after discovering the best way to learn Chinese:

“Some people are talented language learners; unfortunately I was never one of them. Yet, today I can read a Chinese newspaper and understand Chinese movies.”

Sborto Zhou

Sborto tells us how to utilise technology to learn Chinese with so many choices at our fingertips:

“Apps for mobile devices have turned into one of the most powerful tools to improve the efficiency of studying Chinese. However, finding something useful in the market can be very difficult.”

Marcus Pentzek

Marcus gives us some insight into how to learn, and remember Chinese characters as a beginner:

“A friend of mine calls them birds’ foot scratches in the sand. I see pictographs representing images and ideas. At first sight Chinese characters will look like a puzzle to be solved!”






Small Group Classes

Nothing can beat actually getting stuck into a new language – as your free Chinese eBook will tell you, getting your mouth moving early on is essential.

At the same time being part of a group of 30 other students isn’t exactly a great way to get speaking, will you even get chance?

That’s why we offer classes with no more than six students, for this very reason.

Our learn Mandarin PDF will tell you the importance of speaking from an early stage ESPECIALLY with a language like Chinese which is tonal. Tones often scare beginner Chinese students – they needn’t.

It’s a transition, sure, but one that can be overcome quickly, with the help of a great teacher, and we boast a tonne of them, whether it be in person or learning Chinese online. The end result is the same.


What can I learn with Free Learn Chinese PDF?

You will learn how ten non-native speakers became fluent Chinese speakers.

Learn from their mistakes and make a blueprint for success thanks to their invaluable advice.

Learning Chinese is something no one takes lightly and it’s very easy to fall into the common traps which include not speaking enough, avoiding the tones and failing to fully immerse yourself.

By discovering the mistakes of our ten friends, and how they overcame them, you can create the perfect plan for success yourself.

Can I learn Chinese free?

You can indeed, but this requires much motivation, and some shrewd planning.

There are many apps you can download for free and take advantage of for example.

Making friends with native speakers is also a proven way to succeed alongside which Chinese TV programs and listening to Chinese music.

Of course, nothing beats a proper Mandarin teacher, but there are certainly ways to learn Chinese free if your budget is tight.

What are some good Chinese TV shows to watch?

There are so many great choices for learning Chinese, some of which include:

Ode To Joy

Meteor Garden

Iron Ladies

Keep Running

and many more!

Is Chinese the same as Cantonese?

No, they are completely different.

You can find out more about Chinese vs Mandarin vs Cantonese here.

Can I learn basic Mandarin with your PDF?

Our free Learn Mandarin PDF does not teach you how to say things in Chinese, but simply tells you the way you should go about learning Chinese.

If you want to learn basic Mandarin we advise you check out this blog about the basics of Mandarin or go to our YouTube channel.

Can you teach me some basics for Chinese?

Here’s some super useful resources for learning the basics of Chinese.

The numbers in Chinese

How to say Hello in Chinese

How to say I Love You in Chinese

How to say Happy Birthday in Chinese

I want to take a Chinese course, how can I do this?

Simply drop us a message!

We specialise in Chinese courses for students of all ages, all backgrounds and all levels.

Is Chinese hard to learn?

For sure, Chinese isn’t easy to learn but it’s never quite as hard as you think.

Once you start to get beyond the basics and the tones, it actually becomes incredibly logical.

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