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Chinese for Beginners PDF - Learn from the finest

Chinese for Beginners PDF – Learn from the finest

Chinese for Beginners – so you are new to learning Chinese, right?

Great, your (long) journey to fluency starts right here and you’ve come to the perfect place!

With over ten years experience teaching Mandarin to foreigners we know the ups, downs and everything else in between that every single student goes through. At one point we were all beginners in Chinese.

The good thing for you is we know what should be done, and what shouldn’t and that’s where the idea for this Chinese for Beginners PDF came from.

Ten fluent non-native Mandarin speakers all had their very own unique experiences, including our very own founder, Andreas Laimbock.

It’s not about competing against others, racing to the finish line, or having an amazing memory… it’s about finding what works for you and when you find it, you are on the right path.

For example, LTL’s founder, Andreas, went to university to learn Chinese but was getting nowhere fast. He even got one of the lowest scores in his class when studying English. He wasn’t a natural when it came to languages and knew there was a better way. There was… download to find out what it is.

Greg Bell – another one of our ten Chinese experts reveals the secret to learning Chinese isn’t hard at all. In fact it’s staring us in the face… download our Chinese for Beginners PDF to find out!

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Chinese for Beginners – Learn The Basics with LTL

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