Teach English in China Homestay

Stay at a Chinese Homestay and save 50% on the usual price!

Teach English to your homestay family in China and experience living with a Chinese family, but for a fraction of the price.

You will teach a family member of the homestay six hours of English per week (the schedule you decide between yourselves) and still experience all the benefits of living with a homestay family in China.

  • 50% Cheaper than a regular Homestay
  • Teach English in China
  • Six hours of English per week
  • Receive all other homestay benefits
  • Food all inclusive
  • Bills all inclusive
Eleonora with her homestay family
Eleonora with her homestay family

Everything else about the homestay remains the same. Private bedroom, access to all homestay facilities and bills all inclusive. This makes the Teach English in China Homestay a great option if you are on a budget.

Experience Living with a Chinese Family

Chinese Culture – experience what it’s like to live with a Chinese family day-to-day. Great food, Mandarin immersion and everything else!

True Chinese Food – the real deal. All our homestay’s are first class cooks. You will enjoy top class Chinese food all day every day!

Teach English – 50% OFF

Six hours – teach English to a family member for six hours every week. You decide the schedule that suits you best.

No Need to be Native – we don’t require native English speakers or any certificates or qualifications. A decent grasp of English is enough.

Teach English in China with LTL

Each week you will be required to teach six hours of English to a family member of their choosing.

Therefore this could involve teaching a 50 year old aunt English 3 hours every Saturday morning and 3 hours every Wednesday evening. Or it could involve teaching a 12 year old daughter English 3 times a week for 2 hours per session. This will vary per family.

Of course it will be worked around your Chinese class schedule because that comes first! You will teach English at your homestay, or if they wish, perhaps at a nearby coffee shop for example.

Nothing needs to be prepared before hand by yourself. All materials are provided.

Differences to Standard Homestays

The main difference is the fact that one family member will be interested in learning English. This means your exposure to Chinese language is less than that of the standard homestay, despite being much more than staying in a hotel for example.

The other difference is that these homestays might also be located further away from the school.

We think this sort of program is ideal if you really like to teach English or are on a tighter budget. However, if you want to learn Chinese the quickest way possible, a standard homestay and signing up for the Chinese immersion program is most effective.

Teach English in China – Prices (CNY)

DurationPrice in CNY
1 week880
2 weeks1,709
3 weeks2,490
4 weeks3,223
5 weeks3,911
6 weeks4,557
7 weeks5,161
8 weeks5,727
9 weeks6,255
10 weeks6,747
11 weeks7,206
12 weeks7,632
13-52 wks636 / wk
extra night147 / night


  • 50% Discount on regular homestays
  • Bedroom with Desk and Wardrobe
  • Bills all inclusive
  • WiFi, Air-Con, Heating etc.
  • Breakfast and Dinner
  • Gain experience teaching English
  • Friendships for a lifetime

You can book the Teach English in China Homestay experience for as long as you wish to come to LTL for.

In the price table we list some sample durations but if you want to find out more please just contact us and we will help create you the perfect program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be fluent in English?

Native speaker no, good grasp of English yes.

We will speak to you regarding your English level beforehand and advise on what we think is best, but you do not need to be a native English speaker.

How am I actually teaching English?

However your homestay want, so there is no need to prepare.

You might be going through a pack of flashcards, you might watch some TV in English, you might play a game in English, you might read an article in English. It completely depends on what the family want to do, but of course you can advise and prepare your own things, if you so wish. This is not required though.

Am I thrown straight into teaching immediately?

There is some leeway here due to the obvious jet-lag and culture shock.

Your schedule will probably settle down after the first week but be sure to communicate with your family so you both know the situation,

How do I find LTL Beihai school?

On day 1, your homestay family will bring you to school.

After this you will know the route and how to best get to school and for the following days you will find the way by yourself.

Breakfast and Dinner is included, right?

Yes it’s all included and there’ll be a lot of it!

Chinese generally prepare a LOT of food and this isn’t a rare occurrence either. Be prepared to be filled with great food everyday!

Will my Mandarin suffer from speaking too much English?

It won’t suffer but the experience isn’t as authentic as a standard homestay.

Remember that in a standard homestay none of the family speaks English, so that means you always have to find a way to express what you want to say. When you sign up to a Teach English in China homestay you accept that at least one of the family members can speak English, or holds a strong interest in learning the language.

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