Student Visa for China – The Process

Gaining a student visa for China can feel like a daunting thing when doing it for the first time…

Let’s face it, 90% of you won’t have done this before, so we are here to guide and assist you along the way.

LTL is a fully-accredited Mandarin language school and we have the ability to offer you invitation letters which will help you gain a Chinese Student Visa.

You, yourself, apply for the visa via your local embassy but we’ll guide you along the way.

We provide you with your invitation letters within 24 hours of your booking.

Please be aware that for every country and every embassy there are slightly differing rules, which may require additional documents. This isn’t usually the case but it’s worth you knowing.

Student Visa for China
  • Accredited Mandarin School
  • Invitational letters provided
  • Helpful staff ready to help
  • Visa letters ready within a day
  • Apply yourself at your local embassy

Chinese Student Visa

X2 visa – A student visa for China allowing a short term stay of 6 months to cover your study
X1 and X2 – X1 lasts 3 months, X2 lasts 6 months. We make sure your program is covered

LTL Support

Speedy – We provide the documents you need in less than 24 hours after booking
Simple Sign Up – We make what can feel like a complex process as smooth as possible

Student Visa for China – What Should I Know?

Here are some important things to make you aware of when applying for your Chinese student visa.

If you are ever in doubt about anything, just drop us an email or use our Live Chat feature at the bottom right of the page:

Student Visa for China – The Process

So you’ve booked your Chinese Language Course! Great… now time for the visa application

First thing’s first, send your Student Advisor (the person who helped you book your course) an email with a copy of your Passport, alongside your arrival and departure dates.

After this, it’s our turn. We will provide you with your documents within a day (or quicker if you are really tight for time) and email them to you. If you need original copies then let us know your address and how you want them delivered and we will sort the rest out.

NOTE – After receiving the documents just check everything reads correctly. Things like dates, information, names, courses etc.

There are many companies/operators who claim to provide all different types of Visa services.

BE CAREFUL – Only genuine and accredited centres like ourselves are legally allowed to issue these documents.

To actually qualify for and apply for a Chinese Student Visa you have to be coming to LTL as a full time Chinese language student.

Chinese Student Visa – Delivery of Documents

We will always send you electronic copies of your documents first and foremost. This saves you costs and time. However, if you need documents delivered then we can do just that:

Electronic documentsOriginal documents
FREEDHL charges, depending on your location

NOTE – If your course is longer than the 6 months of the X2 Visa, no problem. We will help to plan your visit so you can attend the full length of your course.

Student Visa for China – Fees

Visa Invitation Documents

Visa documentPrice
Visa for <90 daysFREE
Visa for >90 days1200 CNY
Visa extension documents in ChinaFREE

Extended Visa Validity

<14 daysFREE
14-31 days500 CNY
>31 daysN/A


How can I get a multiple entry visa?

Actually the embassy will decide your fate here.

That said there is no harm in us applying for the multiple entry visa and trying our luck. It depends on the embassy themselves.

What do I need to apply for a Chinese student visa?

In a nutshell:

– Your passport

– Visa application forms

– Two pictures

– Printed out copy of the invitation documents

These are the basics but rules for visa’s change all the time so be sure to consult us and your agency/embassy for further details. We are on top of things so just dropping your student advisor a message should suffice.

Should I apply for my Chinese student visa using a visa agency?

It really is up to you but generally we’d recommend it.

Applying yourself is all good and well, but in our experience, the embassies can be very bureaucratic or not provide you with the most updated information. For example, information on embassy websites can very often be outdated, leaving you out of the loop.

It also cuts out the need for you to travel directly to your embassy, which in some cases, can be quite a journey.

Using an agency takes away this stress and although they come at a price, we think it’s worth it.

KEY TIP: If choosing an agency is the way you go, make sure you pick an experienced one who are highly regarded. This is important as they have far more chance of being up to date with information and details than a smaller/newer company.

Can I extend my visa for China?

You can indeed apply for an extension.

That said, we do recommend you get this resolved before coming to China. A visit to the Public Security Bureau will vary in luck depending on the officer in charge at that time.

What if I have to leave China urgently?

If you have to leave it’s no problem.

Providing you are on just a single entry visa, we can send you a new visa invitation to cover the remainder of your Chinese language course here in Beihai.

Can I apply at any Chinese embassy for my student visa?

It will depend entirely on the country you are applying from.

We recommend you do your research before applying via that country. Check online, make some phone calls, or even drop us a message.

TOP TIP – Normally experienced visa agencies will also have the answers for you in this instance.

How do I know which Chinese Embassies require original documents?

This answer can change all the time…

It’s best not to provide you with a definitive answer here because it could change tomorrow. That said, right now this is the deal:

Chinese consulates in Germany, New York and Japan do not require originals for student visa applications

Italy, Spain, Indonesia and Texas do require originals.

MAKE SURE – Please ask your student advisor the situation and they can enlighten you. Sometimes it’s best to actually apply at an embassy not as near to you as another due to speed of processing.

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