Chinese Language School Gap Year

Ever fancied taking a Gap Year Abroad?

Course you have, and now is your chance to do just that with our once in a lifetime Gap Year Program at our Chinese Language Schools in China.

Experience Beihai’s beautiful beaches and then move onto Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei and/or Chengde. Mix and match the cities as you please and create your own gap year abroad.

There are four Gap Year Abroad programs to choose from or you have the power to tailor your own. Speak to us if you aren’t sure which program suits you best and we will help you create the dream Gap Year Abroad in China.

  • Gap Year Abroad in China
  • Travel China, Learn Chinese
  • Group or 1-on-1 classes
  • Fully Certified and Qualified Mandarin Teachers
  • Stay in a Homestay or Apartment both provided by LTL
  • Beihai, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Chengde
  • Make friends to last a lifetime
  • Choose from four programs
  • Or build your very own gap year
Beaches in China - Beihai Beach
Beaches in China – Beihai Beach

Experience of a Lifetime

Travel – Discover everything China has to offer. From bustling Beijing to beautiful Beihai
Friends – LTL have hosted students for all four corners of the world. Make friends to last a lifetime

Top Teachers

Enjoy – LTL classes are designed to be fun, friendly and engaging. Never stop learning with our top rate teachers
Carefully selected – LTL only hire the best teachers throughout China. All teachers must have experience and qualifications

Around the Clock Support

Accommodation – Choose from Homestay or Apartment accommodation and receive 24/7 support from LTL
Visa – Applying from a Chinese Visa can feel overwhelming. We are the experts, we will guide you along

Get Fluent Fast

Group of Individual – You choose what class you want. Individual students can tailor their own study program
Immerse Yourself – Change your phone language to Chinese. Make Chinese friends, live with a Chinese Homestay etc

Gap Year Abroad with LTL

We have four Gap Year Abroad Programs to choose from. If you really aren’t sure which suits you best you can build your very own Gap Year Abroad, but of course feel free to speak to us about what you want to get out of your time with LTL. We will help you create the perfect program.

Beihai and Chengde provide two completely different China experiences!

You’ll start your experience in sunny Beihai. Beautiful weather and gorgeous beaches await as you study Chinese on the south coast. Clear air and the cheap cost of living are two further excellent draws to this largely untapped city, which is home to just a handful of foreigners.

After that you make the long journey north to Hebei province (the province surrounding the capital, Beijing). 

Chengde awaits you. Beaches and sun will be replaced, but wondrous sights await and more importantly, full Chinese immersion due to the fact there are no foreigners in Chengde (just our students)!

Gap Year Abroad - Experience Chengde

Chengde is where your Chinese level will begin to sky-rocket. All lessons in Chengde are individual around various locations that you agree with your teacher. This immersive environment has seen our students reach fluency in quicker times even we ever thought were possible!

Starting Dates

  • 5 Dec, 2022
  • 16 Jan, 2023
  • 13 Feb, 2023
  • 6 Mar, 2023
  • 27 Mar, 2023
  • 17 Apr, 2023
  • 15 May, 2023
  • 5 Jun, 2023
  • 26 Jun, 2023
  • 17 Jul, 2023
  • 7 Aug, 2023
  • 28 Aug, 2023
  • 25 Sep, 2023
  • 23 Oct, 2023
  • 13 Nov, 2023
  • 4 Dec, 2023

Immersion Gap Year – Prices

NOTE – All prices are in Chinese Yuan

3 months Immersion6 weeks small group class6 weeks 1-on-1 class33,264CNY
6 months Immersion12 weeks small group class12 weeks 1-on-1 class57,360CNY


NOTE – All prices are in Chinese Yuan

3 months6 wk shared apartment6 wk homestay21,126CNY
3 months6 wk homestay6 wk homestay24,300CNY
6 months12 wk shared apartment12 wk homestay37,320CNY
6 months12 wk homestay12 wk homestay40,704CNY

For information regarding accommodation please visit our Accommodation page or drop us a message with any questions you may have. In Beihai you will have the choice of staying in an apartment or a homestay. In Chengde generally all our students stay with homestays to make sure you maximise the immersive experience.

Mandarin Language Year

Spend your Gap Year Abroad at our Chinese Language School in China and enjoy 36 weeks of world class Mandarin language lessons.

You will be placed into small group classes that allow each and every one of you to talk, write, speak, read, listen and everything else in between!

That works out at 20 hours per week, for 36 weeks. That’s 720 hours of Chinese in total!

Semesters last 18 weeks and the Mandarin language year covers two full semesters. Even complete beginners will expect to make significant progress in this time.

Spend a year by the beach, with fantastic clear air and beaming hot sun, whilst adding a hugely valuable skill to your CV.

All text books and study materials
20 hours of Chinese class per week
36 weeks of Chinese lessons (2 x 18 week semester programs)

Your own Survival Kit
Around the clock support from the LTL team Mandarin Language Year – Starting Dates and Prices
Spring Semester 2020: 24th Feb. 2020 – 14th Jun 2020
Fall Semester 2020: 14rd Sep. 2020 – 15th Jan. 2021


Program with no accommodation: 32,092 CNY
+36 weeks accommodation – Contact us for quotes on homestays and apartments

– Living with a Homestay family in Beihai is the quickest way to do this. At the same time it doubles up as a once in a lifetime experience. Become part of a family and use your Chinese every hour of the day while enjoying the joys of home cooked Chinese food and a comfortable place to stay.

Chinese + English Gap Year Program

If you are on a bit of a budget but want to maximise your time in China then our Chinese + English Gap Year Program is just for you.

You’ll spend 22 weeks in China split into 4 weeks studying Mandarin at our Chinese Language School in Beihai, before teaching English at a Chinese School for 18 weeks.

You’ll receive expert tutelage from our Chinese Language teachers during your four weeks of intensive Chinese classes. During this time you’ll become familiar with life in China, get to know the language, the area and the food.

Once these four weeks have passed it’s onto the school, where you become the teacher. It’s now time for you to impart your wisdom on young and hungry Chinese school students.

INCLUDED – LTL provides you with an apartment during your 18 weeks teaching and also a budget 2000 CNY spending money per month. This is ideal if you are on a tighter budget.

Things To Note
Four weeks Chinese Group Classes
Accommodation for the first four weeks will either be at an apartment or homestay
Teaching English for 18 weeks in another Chinese city.
2000 CNY per month spending money included
Accommodation at a local apartment
Transportation to school
Support from our staff
Airport pick up when arriving to China.

Chinese + English Program Prices (CNY)
Homestay Program: 9,600 CNY (homestay accommodation, half board)
Shared Apartment Program: 7,500 CNY (Large Room shared apartment accommodation, en suite bathroom, no board)
Registration fee: 300 CNY

Build A Gap Year

Want to mix it up a bit on your Gap Year Abroad? Then let’s build your own!

Drop us an email or a call and we can help you create your ideal Gap Year Abroad which can include any of the following:
Study Chinese in Shanghai
Study Chinese in Beijing
Study Chinese in Chengde
Study Chinese in Beihai
Study Chinese in Taipei
Learn Mandarin on the Great Wall (Summer only)
Teach English in China
Internship in China

A Gap Year Abroad program lasts for 36 weeks (two 18 week semesters).
Here are some example ways of covering those 36 weeks

Gap Year Abroad Example Program A
Learn Mandarin in Beijing for 9 weeks
Learn Mandarin in Chengde for 9 weeks where your Chinese will sky-rocket.
Spend your final 18 weeks teaching English to Chinese children to complete your China Gap Year.

Gap Year Abroad Example Program B
Study Chinese in Beihai for 6 weeks
Study Chinese in Taipei for 12 weeks
Do an Internship in Beijing for 18 weeks and gain invaluable experience working in China

The aim of the Gap Year Abroad program is to be as flexible as possible. No two programs are the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am coming to China alone. Is it safe?

You’ve really got nothing to worry about on this front.

China is one of the safest countries to be based in. Despite being alone you will fit right into our student community and make friends no matter where you study, or whether you study in a group or individually.

Can I travel China as well as learning Chinese

Absolutely! We wholeheartedly encourage this. What are Gap Years for…?!

The great thing about China is that it opens so many doors, not just inside of China but nearby. Japan, Cambodia, Thailand, South Korea, North Korea. Our school in Beihai is barely a two hour drive from the Vietnam border!

Travel away!

Are there lessons over Christmas?

Yes there are, we are open 365 days a year!

Holidays in China are very different to the West, and Christmas is not actually a holiday here. Even during Chinese New Year (China’s biggest holiday), we still run our Chinese classes.

How about living costs in China?

It really depends what you are used to back home but generally China is pretty cheap if you ignore Shanghai and Beijing. 

The cost of living in Beihai and Chengde for example is far cheaper than the bigger cities and the environment is more immersive so it works out a win-win situation on that front!

Other Programs

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